Momentos e Máculas

ISBN 978-2-95379-265-2

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  • Break of Day

    SUMMER. I was in a hospital room with my wife. In her seventh month of pregnancy, our child was born: a kilo of boy. The first scar appeared.

    We had to go to the underground to reach the operating room, lit by the most fluorescent lamps on the market. A dozen people dressed completely in green surrounded us, while some others opened her venter to remove an unfinished baby; with a kind of stapler, they tied her abdomen. After I took a picture.

    Subsequently, other scars have appeared, this time on the child. A rare disease was diagnosed. Chemotherapy sessions during the following months were needed until the bone marrow transplantation.

    As for me, it was essential to shoot everything that was happening and I felt that photographing physical metamorphosis during this journey was a way to condense the feelings and absorb the meanings of these events.

    Three environments are major in the series: the hospital, its surroundings and home, potentially representing different states of mind, between the upheaval, waiting, and the desire to escape.

    Outside the hospital, most of the shots were made during the night, the only “free time” that I had in the day. During this period I often went to used cars trade centres. I thought we would buy a car when all this would be over.

    I took pictures.

  • Momentos e Máculas (Bad Spots In Our Best Times)

    Besides being a shelter, the house is as well a home, an emotional and intimate place, a private space, a limited territory.

    The series Momentos e Máculas (Bad Spots in Our Best Times) departs from a personal investigation about the issues of home and territory. The work focuses on the process of frenetic urbanization that the city where I born and grew up, Guarulhos, Brazil, knows since the last years.

    This is a continuous and intense transformation as dozens of new buildings are raised every month, causing changes both in the landscape and cohabitation.

    According to the British Philosopher Roger Scruton, as modern architecture prioritizes function, utility and short-term effects over population, permanence and dwelling, it becomes a kind of “No Home”, a profanation to human residence. Major part of this work is the search and exploration of the evidences.

    My interest is to explore meanings of territory, not just in the geopolitical sense, but also delve into its psychological and sociological terms, linked to cultural identity and social membership, the way space is structured, organized and planned; how it turns into an Oikos and how we attach to it.

    The result of the project aims to show spots on a physical space as might be forgetting over memory.

  • Gigantes

    “Then the son from his ambush stretched forth his left hand and in his right took the great long sickle with jagged teeth, and swiftly lopped off his own father’s members and cast them away to fall behind him. And not vainly did they fall from his hand; for all the bloody drops that gushed forth Earth received, and as the seasons moved round she bare the strong Erinyes and the great Giants with gleaming armour...”

    According to Hesiod’s Theogony, the Gigantes were a tribe of one hundred Giants born of Gaia, the Earth, from the drops of blood that fell when Uranus, the Sky, was castrated by their Titan son Kronos and had his testicles casted into the sea.

    The origin of the story of the Gigantes must probably be sought for in similar physical phenomena in nature.

    In Brazil, at peak viewing time, kids and adults from the 70’s would watch them on TV. The Gigantes do Ringue (Giants of the Ring), a freestyle wrestling crew that saw their fame spreading beyond national borders, presented to their audience, characters from all kinds.

    Today, far from the popularity from the early days, far from big TV channels, the attempt of a “re-birth” seems to be difficult.

  • Where, Oh Death, Is Your Victory

    Marker and Acrylic on inkjet print.


Sesta do Nuno

oil on canvas mounted on wood


Emilio in Blue

oil on canvas mounted on wood



Momentos e Máculas

Break of Day